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Wait and see




I’ve always regarded the Shredder as rather a wingnut, however I must congratulate him/her on a very insightful and thoughtful assessment of the new president in the Jan. 22 issue (“The failed Obama presidency”). Let’s see what the quarterback can do before we guarantee a win in the Super Bowl.

And I’ve had enough poorly informed blathering by people like Gale McNeeley (“No truth, no consequences,” Jan. 22). The Glass-Steagall Act was eliminated by the Clinton administration in 1999, leading to unsupervised, poorly executed financial speculation by lending institutions such as sub-prime mortgages, in the pursuit of profits for the investors. Bush and McCain tried to correct the situation in 2003, but were rebuffed by the likes of Rep. Barney Frank and Sen. Charles Schumer in Congress, who stated that our financial institutions were just fine without supervision. Lyndon Johnson was the architect in the escalation of a war that made Iraq look like a snowball fight and killed far more American youth and indigenous residents; yet McNeeley would probably blame Nixon, who got us out of there!

So in this case, listen, not always but this time, to the Shredder before you maniacally rant and rave or praise anyone whom you think will solve the world’s problems. The Dems are still bashing Bush, but far as I know, he’s retired. I am waiting to see the miracle on Pennsylvania Avenue before I’ll listen to or bother with the crowing and uninformed blathering

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