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Wake up, SLO County


Thank you, Don Maruska, for your letter to New Times last week ("Stop politicizing county government"). Well said! In a more woke community, there would be an intelligent reminder (like yours) to the masses every week.

I totally agree with your remarks! The disgraceful, partisan, cynical politicking by SLO County Board of Supervisors' Trumpist-majority is at the expense of the real majority—the citizens of SLO County! Is there no way to curb Peschong, Arnold, and Compton's blatant Machiavellian evil?

Adding to our current local malaise and flat-out ignorance is the complacency of academia, who should be at least voicing leadership. This, in a town with two institutes of "higher learning." Ivory Tower dwellers, indeed!

I dearly wish for any "Elect Maruska!" campaign. Nobody can pull the wool over your eyes. Grateful for your calling out the scoundrels!

Heather Howell


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