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Warm your heart, Kitty


I'm writing in regard to the letter sent by Kitty Crockett.

Kitty, I couldn't believe what I was reading! After my wave of nausea passed and my heartbeat returned to normal, I reread your letter. Are there really people out there, like you, who view homeless people as roaches? What (and who) gives you the right to pass judgment like that on these people? Perhaps these "roaches" have children who are hungry. Perhaps these "roaches" are veterans of wars that our current administration has pulled the rug out from under.

I assume that with an attitude like yours you would not consider yourself a Christian. Well, I too am a non-Christian, but I do have empathy and sorrow in my heart for people who find themselves in a position of helplessness or a feeling of hopelessness, whether brought on by themselves or extenuating circumstances (i.e., the cost of living, layoffs, mental illness, etc.) I am appalled that a member of today's society can still think of other people as less than human. It rings a familiar bell for me: the Nazis considered Jews to be vermin, and look what hell followed.


Lisa Ellman

Los Osos

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