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Warning to aircraft owners


To aircraft owners, aircraft mechanics, and pilots in San Luis Obispo County:

If you are unaware of County Code Title No. 24 for the San Luis Obispo County Airport Rules and Regulations, may I enlighten you with two paragraphs of that code:

24.12.030 Commercial Activities

No person shall establish or engage in any business or commercial activity on the airport unless that person has been assigned a fixed place of business on the airport and has obtained from the County either a written lease or a written permit to conduct such activity.

24.20.100 Repairing of Aircraft

No person shall repair an aircraft, aircraft engine, propeller, or apparatus in any area of the airport other than in an area specifically designated or approved in writing for such purpose by the airport's manager.

Title No. 24 came out of Title No. 23, written in 1977. After 28 years and a new gate code the county wants to enforce this code, which will make it impossible for you to hire the best maintenance personnel for your aircraft from off of the field. This includes technical representatives from the manufactures of your aircraft and any inspection authorization mechanics. It will limit you to use the existing operations at the San Luis Obispo County Airport. I find this discriminatory and illegally limiting the consumers' options for the best possible maintenance on their aircraft. As the county is interpreting this code even if you own your own hangar, you can only do "preventative maintenance" in your hangar.


Paul Berdoulay

San Luis Obispo

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