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Was Dalidio project criticism deserved?

San Luis Obispo



In response to Mila Vujovich-La Barre’s letter (“Prado Road initiative would improve traffic circulation,” July 1): Not so very long ago I sat in her Spanish class at San Luis Obispo High School listening to her spew words of disgust about the proposal at the time to extend Prado Road to meet Broad Street through the Damon-Garcia Sports Fields. According to her views then, the four-lane route would be nothing short of a freeway that would bring homeless people to the sports complex and turn a beautiful place into something out of inner city Los Angeles.  
 It’s too bad it took seven years for her to see the light. Had she stepped off her classroom pedestal to read the facts, more people would have realized the route is what the city so desperately needs and we would already have the extension instead of still talking. When will she realize she made the same mistake with the Dalidio project as well?

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