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Watch who you call dirty, Starkey

President, Vampires Motorcycle Club, SLO



Having read the  article “Feel the Thunder” (Oct. 1) I find myself taken aback by such phrases as “Before you start hiding your children and barricading your homes” and “big dirty bikers.” The implications being that motorcycle clubs are populated by dirty, fat men who threaten property and familes. As the president of a local outlaw motorcycle club, I would like to set the record straight. First, we’re not that big anymore, anyway. One of our members, who goes by name Brad to the Bone, has during the past five months lost 90 pounds by guzzling only “lite” beer  and running daily ... from his wife. Regarding the “dirty” accusation, I’d like to inform you that after drunken orgies it is generally understood that one should bathe. Engaging in further debauchery with the residue of the previous night’s funk still lingering is simply gauche.

Being in a motorcycle club himself, Mr. Starkey should know his statements are insensitive and might give people the wrong impression.

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