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We are not ready for reopening


I disagree strongly that our county is in a position to reopen, even partially. Unlike many other California counties, San Luis Obispo County draws thousands of tourists every summer. I already see small numbers of people flouting the safety measures. How much will this increase when hundreds of people, all looking to have a good time, land on our beaches, vineyards, and campgrounds? Opening should not be based on existing county numbers, but on the projected effects of thousands of visitors bringing the virus here from their counties. They may stay for just a few days, but the virus they leave behind could infect hundreds of locals and cause a spike in infections, with a concomitant strain on our local health care system. A serious spike in infections will necessitate a return to restrictions, worsening the effect on the economy. Vigilant locals will have to be even more careful than they are already, foregoing the pleasures and necessities that visitors will be enjoying. We are embarking on a very risky experiment. I, for one, as a county resident, do not want to pay the price of my health for the entertainment of people from elsewhere.

Johanna Rubba

Grover Beach

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