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We are speaking up now

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The residents of York Mountain discovered this ill-conceived cannabis project at the eleventh hour. When we objected, we were scolded by San Luis Obispo County for not speaking up when the regulations were being formed!

Shouldn't we be able to rely on our elected officials to protect the constituents' best interests over the marijuana businesses? We had five days to try to protect ourselves while they've been secretly working for two years. Now we're battling Goliath trying to prove this project doesn't belong here. Then the supervisors accuse us of lying and doctoring pictures but ignore the lies the wannabe pot farmers have told, the shortcuts they've taken, and the fact that the county illegally exempted them from environmental review.

This huge operation with multiple greenhouses and buildings and 3 acres of outdoor cultivation highly visible from Highway 46 will hurt the resources and character of our peaceful community and will attract a criminal element.

June McPhee



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