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We aren't powerless against Big Oil

rural Arroyo Grande



After attending the morning session of the SLO County Planning Commission Hearing on March 8, meeting on the Excelaron project in Huasna Valley, I was moved by the heartfelt comments of the Huasna Valley residents. Old and not-so-old residents stood up and voiced their concern about the harmful effects this project would have on their environment, health, and quality of life. This meeting had to be extended from the February meeting because of the amount of public comment (three whole minutes, per board policy).

The local residents who opposed to this project were longtime residents, retired people who picked the area for the beauty and quiet, people hoping to build their dream home or ranch, local organic farmers, longtime cattle ranchers, and a kick-ass lady cement truck driver who could have taken down the likes of BP with a single blow!

Anyone who thinks we are powerless against Big Oil and the environmental damage they cause should check out huasnavalley.org. As far as the only board member who voted for this project, all I say is you have a future in the Southern San Joaquin Valley where Big Oil rules and environmental concerns are minimal.

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