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We call it 'cognitive dissonance distancing'



In these “best of times, worst of times,” conspiracy theorists and whistleblowers unite. Thanks, New Times, for printing Supervisor Adam Hill’s fragmented outpouring (“Who is susceptible to conspiracy-theory thinking?” Jan. 16) that should make us question his literacy, competency, and moral compass, as a “public servant,” to represent us zealously.

Consider his negative, toxic, echolalic (look it up), “not for, not for, not for” in which he insults and disrespects practically all of us as anomalous out-of-touch co-conspirators.

Does this lens cloud Mr. Hill’s objectivity?

Now to cognitive dissonance, meaning a confused mental state that results from holding incongruent, often mutually contradictory attitudes simultaneously that promote disharmony and divisiveness, with the promulgators working from a double standard they fail to follow themselves.

Ergo, we contend that Mr. Hill cannot foster the balanced approach this county needs to transform its corporate-bulldozer, car-dominant mentality into a luminous green oasis envisioned by us whistleblowing kin. Viva conspirators like Rachel Carson, Father Daniel Berrigan, Leonard Peltier, Bradley Manning, Snowden, and Assange! We stand on their shoulders.

-- Wilo Walking Turtle Kelley - San Luis Obispo

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