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We deserve an apology

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I'm not that easy to surprise, but at the last Atascadero school board meeting on March 15, I was not only surprised but also disgusted. School district board President Terri Switzer compared being asked to get vaccinated during a pandemic to what the Jews suffered during the Holocaust. Board member Ray Buban compared the treatment of non-mask wearers to what African Americans suffered during the days of Jim Crow, having to sit in the back of the bus or not being served at the lunch counter. Have these people no sense of proportion? These comments disgusted me; I can't imagine how offensive these grotesque comparisons would have sounded to a Jewish or African American. Switzer and Buban owe everyone in our community a resounding public apology for these insensitive, ignorant, and downright ludicrous comparisons, or even better, they should both resign.

Susan Robinson

Paso Robles


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