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We do need to address California warming



“It’s called global warming, not California warming. Why is it our responsibility to save the world?” Katcho said.

Katcho, if you can’t see the connection between your so-called priorities—“Drought, Jobs, and the Economy”—and the impacts of “California warming,” then you are a fool!

Our entire agricultural economy and rural way of life is at stake if this drought continues. Increasing California temperatures from ever-increasing carbon emissions will only ensure this drought stays longer and comes back more often.

Congratulations on your landmark Paso Robles water district legislation. Unfortunately, it amounts to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic if we do not address “California warming,” the underlying cause of this ongoing extreme drought.

Addressing “California warming” is absolutely mandatory to securing jobs and economic vitality for our region.

It’s time to stop surrounding yourself with climate deniers and find yourself some science advisors.

Get your priorities straight!

P.S.—Voters: You deserve a leader with her priorities straight. Vote for Heidi Harmon.

-- Eric Veium - San Luis Obispo

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