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We don't need another National Marine Sanctuary



Proponents for a new National Marine Sanctuary off our coast keep repeating the mantra: “We need a National Marine Sanctuary (NMS) in order to stop offshore oil drilling.” What they continue to ignore is something called Measure A. Passed by SLO County voters in 1986, Measure A requires “ ... voter approval of any onshore oil facilities used to support offshore oil development … .” Onshore support for staging people and materials is a necessary component of any offshore oil project. Without such facilities, men and material would have to use Channel Islands Harbor in Ventura. Thus, Measure A has already stopped offshore oil for 29 years!

Second, proponents tell us we need a NMS to stop overfishing. There are approximately 29 protected areas: underwater marine parks, reserves and preserves overlapping the Monterey Bay NMS south to Point Conception. Locally, the Point Buchon State Marine Reserve prohibits all human use of living marine resources. We also have California Department of Fish and Wildlife, National Marine Fisheries Service, and Pacific Fisheries Management Council managing fish resources.

Lastly, if the proposed NMS process begins, cities and counties will have to employ staff, at their own expense, for an estimated two to three years.

-- Steven L. Rebuck - San Luis Obispo

-- Steven L. Rebuck - San Luis Obispo

-- Steven L. Rebuck - San Luis Obispo

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