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We don't need partisanship

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The Nov. 16, 2021, Tribune Viewpoint by Jim Gardiner and Rick Terborch articulated the urgent need for civic engagement and awareness of what's at stake with the redistricting process.

The recent census revealed minor changes in population in our county. That knowledge tells us that the current district lines remain fully compliant with election laws in that they maintain fair and balanced geography, population, communities of interest, and party registration. Therefore, it is reasonable to conclude that there was no need to make a change.

However, SLO County Supervisors Lynn Compton, John Peschong, and Debbie Arnold have a history of resisting nonpartisan and reasonable logic and tend to brush aside policies and processes benefiting the people of SLO County in favor of advancing their own political agendas.

The board majority's decision to forego appointing a nonpartisan citizens' panel to advise on drawing the district boundaries was cause for concern given their track record. Redistricting is about the welfare of the people—not politics. It is therefore imperative that "we the people of SLO County" speak up on our own behalf. When it comes to decisions about this county's future, we cannot continue to condone partisan divide that suppresses the welfare of the populous.

Kimberly Gravell



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