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We must clearly support true democracy in Egypt

Avila Beach



Last month the Tunisian dictator was overthrown through peaceful means. More recently, millions of Egyptians gathered in nonviolent protest to demand an end to the 31-year rule of Hosni Mubarak. This grassroots revolution aims to bring democracy to the most populous country in the Arab world—a change many said was impossible.

According to many media reports, the Mubarak regime is organizing violent attacks against unarmed demonstrators. These attacks must end. Change is coming across the Arab world—in Egypt, Jordan, Yemen, and elsewhere. Here in our country, we need to be clear about what we stand for.

President Obama’s increasing willingness to move beyond past mistakes, to end U.S. support for Hosni Mubarak, and to support this nonviolent movement by Egyptians, for Egyptians, is a vital and a positive step.

But for the United States to demonstrate a real commitment to democracy in Egypt, our government must work constructively with any and all parties who have the support of the Egyptian people—religious or secular, liberal or conservative. This will make clear that we support true democracy
and are willing to align our deeds with our words.


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