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We must protect American citizens




Arizona Governor Jan Brewer asked President Obama to do his job, put 10,000 military troops on Arizona borders to stop illegal immigration, drug cartels, and thugs from every undesirable Third World country coming in to the USA—including those who want to kill Americans: white, brown, black, yellow; color doesn’t matter. All Americans could be a potential target.


The president of our great country reluctantly decided to send in only a handful of troops after pressure and embarrassment from Fox News, which is highly rated by two thirds of the American people. Troops were sent with “no weapons” to protect our borders.

The leader of our great country is confident that we are all safe. Perhaps he should give up half of his secret service, disarm the remaining half, and live like those of us who are less fortunate.

Joe Arpaio, the famous Arizona sheriff, continues to enforce all Arizona laws, including drug enforcement. He has been sued many times for doing successfully what he was elected to do. Now, those who are affected by his dedication to safety and law enforcement resent him, including President Obama.

Recently, I received a newsletter from the American Border Patrol, and it states the drug cartel has a bounty on the sheriff’s head. This is America, and no American public figures need a bounty on their heads for doing their job. God forbid anything happen to either the president or the sheriff. However, President Obama’s leadership led to this unfortunate situation, and he does get full credit for not upholding federal laws protecting our borders and crippling Arizona law enforcement. Protecting all American citizens must be No. 1.

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