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We must remember the past for a better tomorrow




I happened to see this musical, Yours, Anne, in question in the June 2 letters (“This ‘Holocaust’ presentation is infuriating and hurtful”).

I believe the cast did a poignant job of portraying the frightening plight of the Jews during the Holocaust in this interpretation of Anne Frank’s diary. Bravo!

I heard many comments from attendees of Jewish descent who were very much moved by it and felt that it was a great tribute honoring the Jewish nation for its persecution.

I believe that one of the messages displayed on the screen at the conclusion of the play was relevant even for today: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to

repeat it.”

Any time one people group exercises power over another people group to kill them in masses is genocide. I felt that the correlation between the Holocaust and what we are doing in masses to the people group in utero was a powerful wake-up call.

That said, my heart goes out to those hurting from the devastation in the wake of an abortion.

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