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We need a change now, regardless of past good




Your May 17 article on the Morro Bay Aquarium (“The aquatic anachronism”) prompted me to see this tourist attraction for myself. I am dumbfounded by the support letters I have read to keep this place open and discourage criticism.

That these sea lions and seals have lived in such small quarters for so long is extremely sad. They must be slowly dying of depression and boredom or going insane from swimming in a little circle day in and day out. I equate this to a dog being tied to a tree all his life. The fish in the aquarium don’t fare much better. There has to be a bigger, more humane facility better equipped to handle these animals, where they can live out the rest of their lives, rather than as some sideshow in an outdated seaside gift shop.

I’m sure there are more people turned off by this place than impressed by it, so how can it possibly be seen as a positive representation for tourism in Morro Bay? It only shows a lack of compassion for animals and a backward attitude toward animal welfare. Regardless of the good work done by the owners in the past, we need to look at current conditions and demand a change.

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