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We need a dog owners association in SLO



Kevin Matea (who wrote the commentary “Concerned about SLO,” Feb. 11), I feel your pain! And that’s only part of the story. I’ve had two encounters with the new park rangers—the first gal had to run after me I was so far away from anyone, and the second one slid up on myself an a fellow dog walker like he was responding to a bank robbery. 

He informed us about the off-leash dogs fine, and we were shocked. I too had enough! I went to the Feb. 2 SLO City Council meeting to plead our case but all I got was: “Your three minutes are up.” I tried to combine two issues, the off-leash problem and the fact that city workers use dangerous poison in our parks and have for years. One of my dogs was almost killed in 2012. Recently, they put poison under a tree to kill squirrels at French Park. I brought my neighbor Pamela Werth, who works with Feline Network of the Central Coast, to the meeting, and we may have stopped them at least for now. 

In my opinion, we need to share some of our inner city parks with an off-leash program. Roped off areas for people with off-leash tags purchased with your yearly tags. Laguna Lake Park should be off-leash from the so-called dog park, north, and there should be reasonable fines for offenders. As far as Lisa Schott’s letter to the editor (“In response to ‘Concerned about SLO,’ Feb. 18), my policy is, I need to see 100 yards in every direction to be safe, or I leash up. We need a dog owners association and volunteers.

-- William Derringer - San Luis Obispo

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