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We need a new 4th District county supervisor


The Oceano of the future has a vibrant downtown. Cars slow when passing an attractive sign that welcomes visitors to Oceano Beach. A tree-lined plaza and wide sidewalks dotted with planters and benches invite strollers to linger. Paths with clear crosswalks provide safe access to the nearby beach. After dark, streetlights cast a cheery glow over visitors drawn to the town's busy restaurants and shops. Each week, a farmers' market west of Highway 1 hosts vendors and artists from South County and beyond.

That's part of the vision of the Oceano Revitalization Plan, completed in July 2013 with input from local residents. But as I explore the unincorporated community where I recently bought a house, I don't see any of its recommendations brought to life. Oceano continues to look like a dumpy town best seen from the window of a passing car en route to more inviting Pismo Beach.

The office of the current District 4 supervisor, Lynn Compton, offered only hand-waving for the foot-dragging. We need someone who listens to the needs of the people and wants to make Oceano Beach a destination instead of a drive-by. We need to elect Jimmy Paulding as our District 4 Supervisor.

Cynthia Replogle


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