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We need community brainstorming to address climate change



In his talk Nov. 13 at the Grange Hall in SLO, David Barsamian of Alternative Radio stressed the urgency of getting off fossil fuels in the few years we have before climate change becomes irreversible. He exhorted the audience to work in our own community here and now, not to wait for government action, which may be too little, too late.

How can we meet this emergency? Improved mass transit could help to reduce the hordes of cars on the roads, but buses too use fossil fuel. This crisis demands bold imagination. How about rickshaws for those who cannot ride bicycles? Fleets of 100 percent electric cars with solar powered batteries? Horses and buggies?

All of us must join the massive brainstorming called for.

-- Georgia Sanford - Grover Beach

-- Georgia Sanford - Grover Beach

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