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We need more than Jan Marx lite


I voted for Heidi Harmon to remove Jan Marx, yet she has proven herself to be another pro-development Jan Marx lite. Harmon, as well as Carlyn Christianson, are controlled by the Adam Hill political hack side of the Democratic Party whose benefactors are the developers and money-grubbers whose mantra of more housing and higher buildings is not in the interest of the citizens but in fattening their own wallets.

We "NIMBYs on steroids" do not pine for SLO of the 1950s but the development strategy of the 1980s and 1990s when true progressives controlled growth and staved off the state's pressure to "cram not plan" our city's expansion.

Harmon demonstrated her disdain for residents with her vote for the Anholm bikeway over the objection of most of those residents because she, Aaron Gomez, and lame duck Dan Rivoire will not have their "we know better than you" ideas questioned. Their plan to unnecessarily light the tennis courts at Sinsheimer Park is another example of ignoring residents' objections upheld eight years ago.

Keith Gurnee has served two terms on the council before, worked 40 years as a professional planner and urban designer, and is a fellow neighborhood advocate.

Then, there's Harmon's qualifications ... .

Vote Gurnee, James Lopes, and Sarah Flickinger for smart growth in SLO.

Terry Mohan

San Luis Obispo

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