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We need to get a handle on guns



Our national and state governments conveniently do not count the number of innocent people killed by police, nor has the mainstream American media, but the British Guardian, and the website killedbypolice.net, do.

Cops kill about 1,000 innocent Americans annually, mostly minorities. The police who carry out these extra-judicial executions, more often than not, claim the dead victim was armed, and there is usually no video to prove otherwise.

It’s time to put an end to gratuitous gun violence, to disarm America’s hard core, career criminal cop; street gangs; and the other violent predators who prey on the public.

We owe it to the Michael Browns of Ferguson, the Donald Scotts of L.A., the Kelly Thomases of Fullerton, the Amadou Diallos and Sean Bells of New York, and to all the innocent people gunned down daily in the streets.

-- R. Cleary - Cambria

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