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We need to keep an eye on development



Thank you for the detailed article on the potential mega-developments planned for Avila Beach (“Big plans in little Avila,” April 23). I found it full of meaningful information.

There is a project underway on Ontario Road that deserves our attention. It’s on a lot between residences and the Buddhist temple, a developer has already started grading for a project that will include the construction of 44 two-story lodgings, camp store/café, laundry facility, and 27 bike camping enclosures. The owners have been grading the land and removing trees—often on weekends—in spite of the fact they do not have permission to do so. They have not adequately addressed issues such as traffic safety (this project would have major impact on the Bob Jones Trail access), water, or sewage, let alone the impact this will have on neighboring homes.

Projects such as this have an insidious way of going forward. Developers often find it easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission and are content to pay levied fines, as they see potential for profit outweighing the option of following the parameters of zoning. This project will not only impact residents and those who use the Bob Jones trail, but it also sets a dangerous precedent in our county wherein developers feel they can move forward on plans without approval.

It is imperative for the SLO County Board of Supervisors to enforce zoning and permit requirements. Citizens need to hold them, the planning commission, and developers accountable.

-- Rosemary Canfield - Shell Beach

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