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We need to look toward the future

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Back in the day, when 90 percent of the population were homeowners, houses cost under $200,000, Cal Poly and Cuesta's enrollment was half of what it is today, homelessness was not in crisis mode, and no one had even heard of climate change or global warming, San Luis Obispo's mayors Ken Schwartz, Allen Settle, and Dave Romero could never have imagined the situation the city of San Luis Obispo and the planet would find themselves in today. Their endorsements of T. Keith Gurnee demonstrated their loyalty to their friend and former student from more than 40 years ago, as well as their nostalgia for the "good old days." While I respect these gentlemen very much, have benefited from their endorsement for mayor now and then, and was honored to serve with them on City Council, I disagreed with their choice for Mayor. Mr. Gurnee was looking out of the rear-view mirror and making promises of overturning state housing law, based on magical thinking. Neither he, nor anyone, can turn back the clock. Mayor Harmon is looking out of the front windshield, looking to the very challenging future that she and young people must deal with.

Jan Marx

former mayor



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