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We need to restore the foredunes in Oceano


The Oct. 26 article on the APCD notice of violation ("County APCD, state parks headed to hearing over dust control violations") failed to mention an important part of the Special Master report. On pages 4 and 5, Dr. W.G. Nickling wrote:

"More 'natural' types of solutions are preferable to engineered solutions (e.g. fences and straw bales) given the areal extent of the problem. Engineered solutions are often unattractive and not in keeping with the Parks vision for maintaining the quality of the park experience. Natural solutions might include severely restricting rider activity, reducing the areal extent of rider activity, especially near the top of the tidal zone to allow the re-establishment of the foredunes that were formerly present at the site. Inoculation or fertilizing of sediment to foster biological crust development might also be considered as part of this suite of approaches. In my opinion, the most effective approach would be to extend the amount of vegetation cover at the site."

The APCD executive director and the public have been asking for the foredunes to be restored and to increase vegetation cover for the past six or seven years. The dunes self-restore very quickly when they are left undisturbed. This is proven every year when the snowy plover nesting area is protected by fencing from March 1 to Oct. 1. That area has very low dust emissions.

Perhaps you should ask Matt Fuzie if he agrees with that part of the report too.

Rachelle Toti

Arroyo Grande

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