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We need to take our county back


I am writing to address the growing homeless and crime problem in our community. I have many friends with businesses in the North County and they have been plagued with problems. One of my friends is security for the buildings where his shop is located. Twice during one week in May he ran off two people casing the joint.

From the entrance to Madonna Road off the 101 (where there's a huge homeless camp in plain sight) to the riverbed in Paso Robles' fires over and over and over. I know why the cops can't do anything. Their hands are tied by local politicians. I know the cops aren't sitting back having doughnuts and coffee while they laugh at the problem. They want to act. I am demanding action!

How much of our taxpayer dollars are going to the fires and such? My guess is a lot. The crime in the North County has gotten out of control. Strong-armed robberies in daylight and break-ins and lost property are just a few of the problems. I am not sure what to do about this issue. I wish I had a plan. Maybe a bus ticket back to where they came from is needed. I know it would cost much less than what we are spending now. The homeless people who are from our area should get housing and help. We could do a much better job if we were just taking care of our own.

I am not trying to be mean or uncaring. I know how hard life can be. I had a homeless friend live with me for two months. I tried everything to help her. In the end she wanted to be homeless. I did not kick her out. Honestly, it was eye-opening for me.

I am worried about the safety of not just myself, but everyone on the Central Coast. I know most of the homeless are harmless. However, there are many who are very dangerous, and we have seen that in real time lately.

Writing to address the problem is all I know I can do, so I'm doing just that. I am encouraging everyone else to do so too. Especially the business owners. Enough is enough; it is time to get off our laurels and get into action before it is too late. I have lived in this area for 49 years, and I can say life on the Central Coast is not what it used to be. I am pleading with the citizens of our beautiful community to take our county back, no matter what that looks like.

Lori Moffat

Paso Robles

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