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We The People can do what we please


Michael T. J. Mullen's piece "Enslaving the future" (Aug. 22) gravely warns that if We The People choose to get our power from a facility owned by—egads!—We The People, we are treading on the thin ice of full-blown Stalinist, Leninist communism! My God—won't someone think of the children!

Is Mullen even aware of the origins of the electrical grid? Here's a hint: Look up "Rural Electrification Project" Yes, that's right: Just like our socialist interstate highway system, We The People built the electrical grid. And the dams that provide them with power.

Some utilities were later sold to private, for-profit companies; some were not. Guess who gets cheaper rates? Citizens who get publicly owned power, that's who. Turns out profit is an added cost. Who knew? Privatization also encourages these utilities to cut corners on maintenance in order to increase profit. Who gets to pay for the resulting fires? We The People, with our lives and treasure.

Nothing in our Constitution prohibits We The People from collectively owning and operating any freaking thing that we want. Believe it or not, that's called "freedom."

Forcing us to put profit in the pockets of a negligent private company, PG&E, that is slavery.

Sean R. Shealy

San Luis Obispo

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