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We’ve got your back, Jim


   I’ve never really stood up for any politicians in my 28 years of being able to vote; few, if any, ever met my criteria as worthy of much support.
   There are exceptions, though, and Jim Patterson is one of the few who merits my support. I sent his campaign a check, to help get Jim re-elected as our supervisor.
   As the former chairperson and elected member of CSA 23 and as a prior member of the ad hoc Santa Margarita Beautiful, I saw firsthand his dedication and desire to help the little community of Santa Margarita and his constituents in the communities he represents. It is my personal honor to stand up and endorse Jim Patterson for county supervisor.
   Some years ago, after my granddad died and we were going through his belongings, I came across a book titled My New Found Land, which chronicled the travels of a young boy who immigrated to America. It was a nice story and was a good read, but I wasn’t sure why it was with Grandpa’s few highly valued belongings, until I came across a highlighted quote from a passage where a priest was counseling the boy who was afraid and wasn’t sure of himself.
   The priest counseled the boy with this advice: “Courage is something to hold tight to, tighter than tools and money. And if it is lonely to think of losing those things, it is lonelier still when you have lost courage.”
   My grandfather made and lost money and tools, but he never lost his courage. This quote is framed on my wall, and I turn to it and recite it when in the face of adversity.
   I wish you luck and courage against the forces that are marshalling around Debbie Arnold, and know that I will be there for you, as you have been there for the citizens of Santa Margarita and SLO County. I voted for you because we were sick of Mike Ryan and now here comes Mike Ryan 2.0 running for supervisor. Courage, Jim. Courage. We’ve got your back.

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