Wednesday Phillips (aka Sinnamon Splice)

Central Coast Roller Derby skater


NEW TIMES What is your favorite derby memory?

SPLICE When I made the Rough Diamonds (B-Team)! When I saw my name on the player roster for the November game, I was smiling and screaming for hours! That was definitely my best derby moment!


NEW TIMES What does it take to be a derby girl?

SPLICE A lot of hard work and dedication! You have to love the game, be a team player, not be afraid to get hurt, and know that a derby girl isn’t made overnight! It takes countless hours of practice, both on and off the track. It’s about having a good attitude and giving 110 percent. But I strongly believe it you want it bad enough, and you do the work, you can do it!


NEW TIMES How does your body cope with such a high-impact sport?

SPLICE It’s definitely challenging! You’re sore and bruised pretty much every day. But epsom salt baths, stretching, taking an anti inflammatory, and the occasional chiropractic adjustment are very helpful. But we take pride in our battle wounds, and love to show off our bruises! It all comes with the sport, and you have to embrace it, not fear it.


NEW TIMES What is your best derby move?

SPLICE I like positional blocking (keeping the jammer from passing the pack), hip checking, and tomahawk stops. My teammates say I’m also good at making my way through the pack when jamming.


NEW TIMES What does your team mean to you?

SPLICE My team is my second family. They mean so much to me. They’re always there for me when I need them, they give me positive feedback and constructive criticism, they’re super fun to hang out with, and they’re not only amazing derby players, but amazing friends as well! ∆

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