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Weigh the costs of climate change


If we ban fracking and new oil wells in SLO County, Sentinel Peak warns "eventually" we will lose jobs: "20-plus employees and more than 100 contract workers." What's even worse, we will lose money: "$1 million to the county's general fund" and "$64 million in economic input." Yipes!

If climate change is real, as the far-leftist U.S. Department of Defense seems to think (see its 2015 report "National Security Implications of Climate-related Risks and a Changing Climate"), Sentinel Peak is talking chump change: "[The Department of Defense] must consider the effects of climate change—such as sea level rise, shifting climate zones, and more frequent and intense severe weather events—and how these effects could impact national security."

What are some costs of continuing to extract and burn fossil fuels? The Northern California firestorm in October 2017 destroyed 8,900 buildings and cost more than $9.4 billion. Forty-four civilians died. Should deaths be factored in? Can we count wildlife? Consider the Santa Barbara mudslides six months ago—21 dead, at least $177 million of property damage, $7 million in emergency responses, and $43 million in cleanup costs. Right now, people are turning away from Yosemite. That's got to cost the tourism industry some bucks and jobs, right?

Who's going to burn next, Sentinel? Are you going to pay? I thought not. Vote yes on Measure G if you value our lives.

Alice Welchert

Los Osos

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