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Welcome the new Art Center

Old Edna



Regarding the article “Brave new art building” of Jan. 29, art is the activity of building and creating beautiful things for the eye of the beholder. As much as many of us enjoy historic, beautiful old buildings, it is also true those buildings have their place in time, just as new buildings do.

As much as many of us wish to hold on to our past, we must also embrace the future with bold new ideas laced with expression as well as an openess to a modern era whose time has come. I am sure that with a few twists, the baby of Karen Kile, SLO Art Center’s director, may soon be born. Obviously Kile shares with many in our little town a keen sense of beauty that travels beside her daily. Trust that when the project meets with final approval the new structure will certainly leave its mark visually and historically. Perhaps the real question here is: Do we go up or out?

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