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We're fighting against 'the man' in Morro Bay

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Power brokers are always surprised when the oppressed stand up! Morro Bay's Citizens for Affordable Living (CAL) has been challenging City Hall for two years, and in the process, waking up residents to their unnecessarily high sewer/water rates. That financial burden hit square between the eyes in August when residential households received a $70-plus increase on top of an already $100-plus bill.

City fathers are disturbed about the awakening. In the article "A citizen group's repeal could come at a cost to Morro Bay residents" (Oct. 17) only one direct quote states a fact rather than hyperbole: City Manager Scott "Collins acknowledged that the approximately $126 million water facility ... aren't cheap."

Siting a treatment plant in the Morro Bay National Estuary watershed (a half-mile from a marine protected area) to protect the ocean is not logical to residents. Critical sewer infrastructure will continue at the current site. Now two water bodies are susceptible to leaks and spills, common occurrences at such facilities. What has been gained environmentally?

Betty Winholtz

CAL co-chair

Morro Bay


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