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We're in a bad state if we need such protection

Arroyo Grande



I still don’t think Mr. Tanner gets the point (“You’re still doing it,” Sept. 8). HR 2584 was stopped before it became law. However, a bill attached to the budget passed last August allowed Congress to take the North American Grey Wolf off of the endangered species list. According to the Sierra Club, this was the first time in the history of the United States that a species was de-listed by Congress, instead of by the Environmental Protection Agency after much scientific study.  And another bill, HR 1505, which would waive environmental laws within 100 miles of all U.S. borders and coastlines, has recently been introduced. And, at the risk of being called “petty,” I will just say that all three of these bills were introduced by the same small group in Congress. Three guesses who they are.

So the Sierra Club and other watchdog agencies, which “have bigger fish” to fry, are spending time monitoring the actions of our elected officials to catch any environmentally destructive legislation that they may be trying to slip through. Congress doesn’t have time to approve any legislation that would help America get out of our economic crisis, but seems to have plenty of time to propose bills like these. What does all this have to do with lowering the national debt? This country is in a bad state when its citizens need protection from our own elected officials!

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