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We've had some legislative coups

San Luis Obispo


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State constitutional law has usurped the local laws of the counties of California. This was done at the ballot box on June 6, 1978, on a rider that went with Proposition 13. The rider was a deal made between the county supervisors and our state supervisors. There was not enough money in the coffers to pay our local supes’ salaries. The state said, “Let us take care of the problem, and we will make sure you get your checks.”

They made a deal. It was unconstitutional. The supreme court neglected their watch. The people inadvertently ratified the deal. They transferred their county’s authority to do government business to the state. It was a legislative coup. Then, in another election, the people voted to get rid of their local judges. Another legislative coup.

The people have been led to the ballot box under false pretenses. They have voted their rights away. David Broder documents this in his book Democracy Derailed. Mr. Broder offers a solution for the problem.


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