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What about the pastors of Republicans?

Morro Bay



In response to Otis Page’s letter in your May 8 issue, let me suggest that if we’re going to examine Obama’s past association with Reverend Wright, then, to be fair, we should take a look at Senator McCain’s past associations as well. We can start with Reverends Falwell and Robertson, who agreed with one another on Robertson’s TV show that 9/11 was God taking his vengeance on “secular” America. Then there’s Reverend Hagee, another McCain endorser, who claimed that Hurricane Katrina was God punishing New Orleans for planning a gay pride parade. And let’s not forget President Bush, whose policies McCain has supported, who once claimed that Saddam Hussein had “weapons of mass destruction,” and that the NSA only wire-tapped Americans with “a court order,” and (my personal favorite) “America does not torture!”

At least when Reverend Wright accused the U.S. of bombing Hiroshima and supporting third-world dictatorships, he was telling the truth.


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