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What age should children be introduced to the internet and why?


Dixon Moore

marketing employee

"These days, I would say 13. I think, like a lot of things, when you start them off early, they lack the interpersonal skills to interchange with people."

Phil Albery


"I've got a couple of grandkids, and they got started [on technology] as babies. It made me upset but it is what it is. They don't go outside to play or interact with other kids, but they're bright."

Suzee Miller

feng shui consultant

"Beginning school age, because there's a change in brain pattern. They become asocial, dependent on devices, and they're not normal children playing and being creative."

Sebastian Quintana

senior at SLO High

"Fourth grade, because elementary school is more online now, and they need to do a lot of things online. They need it for research, too."

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