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What is the ugliest building in the city of SLO?


Laurie Newman


"I've been living here for a really long time so I've seen buildings change and upgrade. But the one that comes to mind is the Bank of America building, it's so outdated."


Irene Wininger

hospice nurse

"I can't think of one in SLO but in Pismo Beach, the building across from Harry's makes me sad every time I drive by it. It takes away from the old town feel."


Laura Christensen-Garcia

restaurant worker

"I've lived here my whole life and the buildings keep changing. It's hard to keep track. But it's not the buildings that bother me but the shops and restaurants that go inside them."


Greg Jeffery


"I can't think of an ugly one, but the Cheap Thrills building stands out to me in a good way. The end of downtown is kind of dull, and then you see the bright blue building and it draws you in."

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