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What makes Lynch so special?



I have to ask, why does Charles Lynch get special treatment by New Times about his endorsement of certain candidates (“Charles Lynch’s endorsements,” May 27)? It is very apparent in reading his letter that marijuana, smoking marijuana, laws about marijuana, being able to sell marijuana in a storefront, and promoting the sham that is medical marijuana, is his only interest, his main focus, in life. I suppose in his stoned little world, there are no gang issues, no crime issues, no illegal- alien driving issues, no budget issues, no jail issues, no other problems— other than selling weed (and making a whole shit load of money doing it), under the guise of “medicine.” I would guess that nothing else really matters when you have a bag of good shit.

 I don’t think some of the advertisements for “medical” marijuana are doing your cause any good, New Times. When the ads on the radio tout 24-hour verification is available (I guess if you run out of “medicine,” at 3 a.m., you can score another bag of it in the wee hours, for your insomnia, or stress, or any one of a number of made-up BS “ailments”), it’s pretty obvious what a scam it is.  

 I expect more from New Times than promoting someone with such skewed priorities.

Glen Zenda


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