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What recovery?




Obama’s in trouble. With 230,000 fewer jobs, 430,000 May unemployment applicants, home equities at 1948 levels, 15 million unemployed, and 47 million on food stamps, he says he’s not worried about another recession. It’s just that the economy’s worse than he thought, and the recovery’s going to take longer than expected.

What recovery? There’s been no recovery.

After 2 1/2 years of infantile economic policies and empty social justice formulas, we have more government, less freedom, and a signature health-care boondoggle that will not only prove to be constitutionally flawed, but grossly inefficient and inadequate.

Conservatives are angry because of Obama’s wealth distribution and anti-business policies. Liberals are disillusioned because he’s failed to produce the socialist utopia he promised. Others are disappointed in a president who’s not only been out playing golf 70 times in 28 months, but is a better presidential campaigner than president.

Obama says, “We can’t cut our way to prosperity,” but consider what many new Republican governors have accomplished since the election: Christie in New Jersey, Walker in Wisconsin, Kasich in Ohio, Scott in Florida and Snyder in Michigan have all turned their states’ billion-dollar deficits into surpluses by reducing spending and cutting taxes, especially on business. Since February, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnel has created 67,000 jobs and Texas Governor Rick Perry has created more jobs than all of Obama’s “56” other states put together.

The president’s approval numbers are down, and the tide is turning against him. He thinks he’s unstoppable, while everyone else is wondering which Republican candidate will win. However, it really doesn’t matter; anyone would be better than Obama.

-- Larry Bargenquast - Paso Robles

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