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What's going on here?



Our favorite feature is gone, discontinued, on vacation, or what? Kathy Marks Hardesty has left the country?

The only reason we read each Thursday edition is to find out the latest wine and dining places on the Central Coast. It is hard to believe that you are going against your purpose of presenting “news and issues of importance to our readers; to reflect honestly the unique spirit of the region; and to be a complete, current, and accurate guide to arts and entertainment on the Central Coast.”

Your new writer might be a good writer, but do you really think that the majority of your readers care about composting or mushroom farming? Are they really interested in these things or articles that really pertain to living here and denote what the Central Coast is all about? Some of the finest wine is produced in this county, and the fact that farms that produce a plethora of our food sources for the whole country is certainly significant. That relates to food and wine pairing, albeit restaurant and wine choices.

Don’t know who made the decision to cancel the weekly Cuisine news but it is a huge mistake! We really do need the fine writing and expertise of Kathy to bring an awareness of new wines, restaurants, chefs, and “choices” available to the residents and visitors of the Central Coast. How about getting your head out of the sand, rethink this, and keep the best wine/food writer for this area on line.

Ed. note: Just to be clear, our weekly “Cuisine” news hasn’t been canceled.  In fact, with our revamped Bites column, there’s now more food and wine (and more) news than we’ve ever had in the paper each week, plus expanded drink picks.

-- Laura Turknette - Arroyo Grande

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