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What's going on?


I really hate to complain about a place that is "suppose to help people" get off the streets and into stable housing, but why do the people in charge feel the need to strip others of their last shred of privacy? At the Motel 6 in Paso Robles, the new shelter, they have removed all of the window curtains from every room! WTF? What is happening here people? What is a woman supposed to do or a couple of married people? Have sex in front of a window? Talk about not thinking clearly. What kind of drugs are these people on? Maybe they need to be investigated, something is way wrong—they are even taking out the TVs in every room. The less people have for entertainment, the more trouble you will have at that place, and that's a fact. Let's make this work for the good of all around us and give some respect to these people.

Jeff Richard

Paso Robles

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