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What's the recall effort's ultimate plan?



For years the Coastal Commission staff had been saying don’t rebuild the sewage plant at the same location. Morro Bay’s old guard kept their blinders on and wasted several years and millions of dollars insisting they would win a fight with the Coastal Commission.

Morro Bay residents, fed up with the old guard, soundly voted them out of office. Months later, when he was finally seated on the council, Mayor Irons could read the writing on the wall by the Coastal Commission. The project was doomed, and he made the hard decision to change course and start the city moving in a direction that would get us back on track. It’s not pretty, but we now have realistic costs on what it will take to do the project right and get approvals from all of the agencies involved.

If the losers ask you to sign the recall petition, ask them for their plan. If they are successful in recalling Mayor Irons, are they going to go back to trying to build the plant at the old and discredited location? Do they still want to fight the Coastal Commission? Make them tell you the specifics of how they can get the job done cheaper. Their only plan is to retake power.

It takes courage to stand up to the old guard and make the hard choices even if they seem unpopular. Mayor Irons did the right thing and has my support.

-- Ric Deschler - Morro Bay

-- Ric Deschler - Morro Bay

-- Ric Deschler - Morro Bay

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