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What's up with the pier embargo?


I drove the PCH way up north on Friday, April 24, so I could enjoy my favorite Central Coast pastime: taking a walk on the San Simeon pier. The park was open, the picnic areas were open, the beaches were open, and there was even a uniformed park employee in the kiosk at the front gate. It was a glorious day, and the place had a full complement of outdoor pleasure-seekers being extra careful to observe social-distancing guidelines.

But the pier was closed, along with all the other piers in San Luis Obispo County. Why? County residents and taxpayers really deserve the immediate lifting of this arbitrary pier embargo, as it negatively affects all who live here while doing nothing to stem the spread of the coronavirus.

Think about it: Beach walking and picnicking are OK, but somehow, a stroll on the pier isn't? Just how does that work?

John Winthrop


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