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What’s your favorite tattoo?


Heather Brown

hairstylist at HepKat

“My favorite tattoo is my tat of Conan O’Brien because I love him! We both have pale skin and don’t tan, so our inability to go into the sun brings us together. I’ve seen him several times and when he was doing The Tonight Show I called him over during the commercial break and showed him my tattoo. He asked me ‘Is that permanent?’ and when I said yes, he hugged me and gave me a kiss.”


Kelly Anderson

retail associate

“I love my little skeleton! Not a lot of girls have skeleton tattoos, and everyone knows me because of it.”


Rick Hill

security guard and repoman

“I have seven tats, but my favorite is the one I got two weeks ago. It’s a memorial for my partner who just died. He was like my brother. He had the same tat, just ass backwards.”


Amy Beaudet


“My zodiac sign tattoo gets a lot of attention. It’s the sign for cancer, but it’s obviously up for interpretation. People either know what it is or they assume some pretty interesting things.”

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