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WHO tells it like it is

Morro Bay



Permit me to address Tea Party members: Thank you so much for sharing your righteous indignation toward Obamacare.  I’m sure you’ve convinced the majority of Americans that since you have health insurance that covers you and your families, everyone else in the country can access the same coverage. As for the 32 million Americans who have no insurance, I know you believe that even though some of the poor work two or three jobs just to make ends meet, they must be plain lazy or illegal; otherwise they wouldn’t be poor.

 Oh, and yes, we should be proud the World Health Organization has ranked us 37th among all nations in health quality. Wow! We made the top 50. Those darn Democrats always seem to want us to be better than we really are. They have no respect for the status quo. Don’t they get the joke? It’s a real knee-slapper to watch the citizens of the 36 countries ranked ahead of us in health scratch their heads and wonder why the most powerful nation in the world can’t take care of its own citizens.

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