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Who's helping the mentally ill? Not Dan DeVaul


As an advocate for the mentally ill, I know what Christine Mulholland has done to help the mentally ill and the homeless in San Luis Obispo.

Mariann Cirelli ("Who else is helping the mentally ill?" Letters, March 17-24), what have you done to help the mentally ill and the homeless besides advertising your plight and trying to put down a person who really does more than anyone would ever know and never talks about her generous giving?

It is my opinion that the New Times article (March 3-10) should not have been titled "It's all about humanity" - it should have been titled "It's all about money for Mr. DeVaul." (It's very expensive to restore antique cars.)

The over $200,000 per year that Dan DeVaul made for renting his land and giving hope to those poor folks and then dashing that hope is shameful.

I wonder if there is a law whereby those folks can get their money back from someone who seems to have taken advantage of them by "thumbing his nose at the law" at their expense.


Naoma Wright

San Luis Obispo

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