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Who's minding the store?




Scott Jenkins has a good point (“Why blame Obama?” March 19). As a registered Democrat for the last 40 years, let me make another good point: Allowing a multibillion-dollar stimulus bill to become law was one of the worst things President George W. Bush could have done, restrictions or not. It allowed the large companies that should have failed and been sold via bankruptcy to new management, to keep the good-old-boy, big-buck political donating executives who got them into trouble in the first place.

President Obama promised we would not have the same old way of doing business. Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid passed another Bush-like, multibillion-dollar stimulus bill. Congress confirmed the same old politicians left over from the Clinton Administration. Then Congress proposed even more stimulus packages. We know Obama might have his heart in the right place but we start wondering if anyone is minding the store.

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