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Why do you feel the need to attack what I don't believe?

Los Osos



I’m always curious about letters on the topic of atheism (“The burden of proof is on you, atheists,” Nov. 10; “Prove that there isn’t a teapot circling the moon,” Nov. 17; “Someone making a positive claim bears the burden,” Nov. 17), because of my own lack of belief in a god. I have done considerable searching over the course of my life and have never been able to find a good reason to do so. It simply makes no sense to me, nor do I see any benefit accruing to me if I did. Neither do I feel that I need to prove a negative.

Those who are happy in their religion are certainly free to believe what they choose as long as they don’t attempt to impose it on me.

I live a quiet life, love my family and friends, treat others with kindness and consideration, and do not participate in illegal activities. Why in the world would anyone be compelled to attack my lack of belief in an incorporeal father figure?

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