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Why not a debate, Waage?

Pismo Beach



So now I go to my mailbox and find the latest example of misdirected energy and expenditure for the 3rd district. Who or what has the money and time to print a two-sided, color, glossy page of innuendo and half-truths? “It’s time for a serious Leader”? You’ve got a serious leader right now in Adam Hill.

For Pete’s sake, Ed, is the phone call all you’ve got? The “infamous” phone call took place back in January, and all it really proves is that Adam Hill is human. No threats were made, no racial epithets, no heavy breathing. Just a friend of mine making what he believed was a single, private phone call to a friend. I am so sorry now that I allowed you to record the message and pass it on to your campaign managers.

How about a public debate? It would be so much more productive.

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